Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The hand guns combine efficient design with reliable performance for manual dispensing of hot melt adhesives.

Features of manual glue gun:

1.Precise module design and manual switch design provide precise breaking effect.

2.Flexible and diverse nozzles are precisely processed, and suitable glue guns can be selected according to requirements.

3.Unique filter design, good filtering effect, easier to clean and replace. The nozzle is not easy to clog.

4.The unique protective gear design prevents the operator from being accidentally burned when working.

5.Universal joint combined with European advanced technology, easy to operate and durable.

It can be modified and applied to many brands of hot melt adhesive machines around the world according to user needs.

There are 3 types of manual glue guns:

1. Manual strip glue gun: (can make strips and dots)

2. Manual spiral spray glue gun

3. Manual squeegee gun

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