YT-H001 Hot melt glue hose combined with gluing machine

Hot melt glue hose is connected with machines and guns for transmitting glue.
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1. The use of imported Teflon liner, has good flexibility, good bending performance (maximum bending radius of 20cm), anti sticking and temperature resistance (up to 220 degrees), can greatly reduce the carbonization phenomenon.

2.The heater by the United States and the temperature of the heating wire lines, evenly wrapped around the pipe wall, with good insulation and uniform thermal conductivity, high temperature performance, built-in carbon fiber heating wire, uniform heating with superior performance and durability. heating hose power of 130 watts per meter.

3.The use of high quality insulation materials, pipe insulation performance and ensure good thermal insulation effect.

The price of one meter prices, because most of the imported hose are calculated by inch,  before you buy, please confirm the desired length (1 foot ≈ 0.304 meters).

Perfectly compatible with a larger global brand! ! (Nordson, ITW Dynatec, MELER other brands

Note 1: Hose warranty period is one year, as long as you use our product under normal operating procedures, if there is any quality problems, we provide one year warranty. Lifetime maintenance.

Note 2: Since the outer layer of nylon hose network a variety of colors, customers are no special requirements, our default is black.

Note 3: Due to the length of the hose and the configuration are customized products, in the absence of quality problems, we refuse to return or exchange, make sure the hose length and configuration before photographed, so as not to affect your normal use.

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