Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The adhesion and toughness (elasticity) of PUR can be adjusted, and it has excellent bonding strength, temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It has become one of the important varieties in the adhesive industry. Now it is widely used in packaging, wood processing, automobile, textile, electromechanical, aerospace and other national economic fields.

PUR hot melt adhesive machine adopts touch screen-human-machine interface for overall operation, suitable for high-precision hot melt adhesive spraying applications, motor-driven precision gear pump and automatic tracking system for glue output, and matched with precision gear pump to meet the different requirements of users’ production needs.

The biggest difference between the polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine and the ordinary hot melt adhesive machine is that the whole hot melt adhesive coating process is completely isolated from the air. The ordinary hot melt adhesive machine melts the hot melt adhesive from the bottom to the top, and the PUR hot melt adhesive machine melts from the top to the top. The PUR hot melt adhesive is melted down, so one of the core components of the PUR hot melt adhesive machine is the heating element of the hot melt adhesive plate.


1. Intelligence and flexibility

2. Precise glue spraying and glue control, stable output

3. Safe and secure

4. Beautiful design, simple and convenient for maintenance

5. After-sale maintenance consultation is guaranteed

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