Hot melt glue machine with hand gun
  • YONGTAI Service philosophy
    November 06, 2021 YONGTAI Service philosophy
    As a Hi-Tech enterprise, Quanzhou Yongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of hot melt spraying and coating equipment for 20 years. Our products can be widely used in such industries as footwear, clothing, packaging, compound & lamination, crafts, electronics, automobiles, printing and hygiene. Yongtai pursues outstanding quality throughput, and develops and innovates unceasingly. We have a group of qualified personnel in specific fields of machinery, industrial automation, computer and management, with many years of actual operation experience. We adopt perfect quality assurance system in the whole course of making, installation and debugging to guarantee the high quality of products and excellent performance. The product processing equipment is complete and measurement facility is complete. We never let defective products leave our factory. Yongtai brings up large quantities of technical exquisite project service troops, provides customers with perfect pre-sale, sales and after-sale services, and makes product quality and service maximally satisfying different customers' demands. Along with the unceasing renewal of product technology, we provide users with reliable updated service at the same time. We will grasp the policy of "unremitting exploration, diligent innovation". Yongtai product quality is excellent, the value is much over the price, and Yongtai will be the best choice for all customers. We will be unremitting and diligent to create magnificence together with you.
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  • Hot melt glue machine used in the seat industry
    November 03, 2021 Hot melt glue machine used in the seat industry
    The awareness of environmental protection is slowly gaining ground in the hearts of the people. To survive, major manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the environmental protection of their products. As mentioned before, car seats have long used hot-melt adhesive materials, which solves an important source of pollution-water glue. Now not only car seats are replaced with hot melt adhesives, but also ordinary office seats and home seats are being reformed, using hot melt adhesives to paste materials. In fact, the hot melt glue machines used in the seat industry are relatively simple, and they are also divided into manual and automatic. The manual hot melt glue machine is the kind used in the mattress industry, and the manual hand holds the nozzle to spray glue on the seat material; the automatic hot melt glue machine mentioned here also needs to be used with automatic equipment, and it is fixed and quantitative in the designated area. Glue spraying is more labor-saving and efficient, making it more suitable for large-scale production. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the seating industry is constantly reforming, using hot-melt adhesives and hot-melt glue spraying machines to ban traditional polluting water glues.
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  • Application of Hot Melt Glue Machine in Automatic Production of Home Appliances
    November 03, 2021 Application of Hot Melt Glue Machine in Automatic Production of Home Appliances
    In recent years, the country's continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements for large and small enterprises has made more and more enterprises begin to use hot melt adhesives. Use this environmentally friendly adhesive to replace traditional water glue, yellow glue, etc. In the production process of home appliances, there are some processes that must be pasted with adhesives. Now, if you switch to hot-melt adhesives, you must use a hot-melt glue machine. In fact, the hot-melt glue machine has been used a long time ago. At first, it may be a manual hot-melt glue machine. It also uses hot-melt glue, but the efficiency is relatively low. Later, there was a combination of conveyor line + XYZ axis + hot melt glue machine. This method is more efficient and saves a lot of labor, but it cannot meet the glue spraying of some special surfaces. Now start to use the robot, use the robot arm to drive the spray gun of the hot melt glue machine, and spray glue in any position and any direction. This method is more flexible and more convenient. Whether it was before or now, as long as you are using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive, you must use a hot melt glue machine.
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  • National day holiday notice
  • The prospect of hot melt glue machine
    August 17, 2021 The prospect of hot melt glue machine
    With the rapid development of the hot-melt adhesive industry, the application range of hot-melt adhesives has become wider and wider, and further attention has been paid to the development of hot-melt adhesive coating methods, hot-melt adhesive coating equipment, and coating technologies. This is the key to the successful application of hot-melt adhesives. It is also an important condition for the continued development of hot melt adhesives. In recent years, while absorbing and digesting advanced foreign equipment and technology, we have done a lot of work in continuously improving and innovating our own coating methods and coating equipment. In particular, the localization of dual-point coating machines and the further improvement of performance, the development of cold powder spot coating methods and equipment, etc. If there are new types of glue, there must be matching coating technology and equipment. YONGTAI Hot melt glue machine
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  • Hot melt adhesive mattress industry analysis
    August 12, 2021 Hot melt adhesive mattress industry analysis
    The mattress industry in my country is very fragmented. In 2016, the total market share of the top eight mattress brands in China was only about 15%, the concentration of the top four brands was 10.5%, and the market share of the largest company was only 3.9%. Compared with the home appliance industry, the market concentration of the top four brands of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and color TVs are all around 60%. We believe that compared with other furniture categories, mattress products are relatively standardized, can be produced on a large scale, have a higher value of single products, and have the basis for branding. The brand concentration process of my country's mattress industry has just begun, and the market structure is far from mature. The production of mattresses needs to be glued in many places. Hot melt adhesive has become one of the inseparable tool industry chains that are closely related to the adhesion of the mattress industry. Hot melt glue is melted by the hot melt machine through heat, the glue after melting becomes a kind of liquid, and it is sent to the surface of the object to be adhered through the throat and hot melt spray gun of the hot melt glue machine. After the hot melt glue is cooled That is, the bonding is completed, which overcomes the most critical problems of weak bonding and environmental protection. In the future, under the trend of globalization of the hot melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified. The hot melt adhesive companies that gradually scale up will also have sufficient strength to do basic research and actively introduce automated production line equipment to replace labor or increase work. In order to gain an advantage in a market with serious product homogeneity. Therefore, the development of technology is almost inevitable.
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  • Dispensing application in mobile phone industry (circuit board)
    August 12, 2021 Dispensing application in mobile phone industry (circuit board)
    Smart phones involve a complex cross industry. In addition to high-tech industries such as high-tech information technology, electronic crystal board technology and digital signal communication, they are also an industry that requires a lot of labor and raw material consumption. In the assembly and mosaic of mobile phones, two methods are needed: metal fixation and bonding fixation. Bonding and fixing is to use hot-melt adhesive machine particles to carry out fine processing and bonding on some fine parts, such as chips, touch screens and so on. These parts can not be fixed by metal forcibly, otherwise it will easily cause damage to plates and display screens. It can be vividly said that no matter how professional and advanced the industry is, They also need small hot melt adhesive products to solve some problems for them. For the hot-melt adhesive particles for bonding all mobile phone parts, we usually use hot-melt adhesive brands such as EVA hot-melt adhesive and polyurethane hot-melt adhesive, because these hot-melt adhesives have low requirements for most bonding surfaces, excellent adhesion and adhesion between metal, plastic and fiberboard, and the dispensing process of mobile phone parts under the hot melting of hot-melt adhesive is simple, Just glue the parts and wait for curing to complete the production. Another advantage of EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane hot melt adhesive and other products is that their curing time is short. After completing the gluing of a mobile phone, the previous mobile phone has basically been cured, which is suitable for the assembly line production of many mobile phone manufacturers and agent processors, so that they can quickly complete the mobile phone production and flow into the market. Moreover, bonding the mobile phone with hot melt adhesive can also reduce the pressure of the machine itself, reduce the physical force of the fuselage and play a buffer role. As we all know, when the all metal solidified mobile phone is subjected to irregular external force, the external force will be amplified in the body, which will affect the fine electronic components of the board core over time. For all metals inside the body, this situation will be further amplified. However, if the hot melt adhesive is added for reinforcement, the hot melt adhesive can not only play a bonding and stable effect in the interior of the mobile phone, but also provide a buffer for absorbing external force, reduce the repair rate and difficulty of the mobile phone, and prolong the service life of consumers' mobile phones. Therefore, hot melt adhesive products are also a popular product in the mobile phone industry.
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  • New Design high speed 5kgs hot melt glue machine
    January 22, 2021 New Design high speed 5kgs hot melt glue machine
    The hot melt glue machine is mainly used for automatic application equipment for hot melt glue spraying, scraping, rolling, gluing and injecting glue. Widely used in household products (diapers, sanitary napkins, mousetraps, cockroach houses and other disposable products), automotive industry (interior sealing, car light manufacturing, windshield assembly, air filter, nonwoven composite, footwear industry , Printing, electronic product assembly, clothing, stickers, packaging industry (carton packaging, cigarette box packaging, Tetra Pak beverage packaging), coating composite industry (label paper, label double-sided tape, medical breathable tape), book binding And other industries. This is our smallest melter bulk-5kgs machine. Connection step:Machine+hose+gun The feature: 1.The gear pump adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to precisely control the glue output.   2.Precision filter device removes impurities and prevents nozzle blockage.   3.The temperature adopts precise PID intelligent control (see the figure below)   4.The control system has high and low temperature protection function to prevent equipment damage
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