Hot melt glue machine with hand gun
  • Application of hot melt glue machine in filter industry
    July 01, 2022 Application of hot melt glue machine in filter industry
    The application field of hot melt glue machine is very wide, in the household appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe-making material industry, medical dressing industry, toys and crafts industry, clothing industry, etc. playing a very big role. If you want to know more about the application field of hot melt adhesive machine, you must first know the characteristics of hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive is a colloid with a solid content of 100%, with strong viscosity, short bonding time, no odor, strong water resistance and heat resistance, fast drying time, and high production efficiency. After being melted into a liquid state, the glue is sprayed onto the substrate. The glue will solidify again on the cold surface after contacting the air, and it only takes a few seconds to complete the process, ensuring high production efficiency. The products sprayed by the hot melt glue machine are beautiful and of good quality, which improves the product qualification rate. For example, the automotive air-conditioning filter element industry mostly uses hot-melt adhesive bonding technology, but only good hot-melt adhesives may not be able to obtain high bonding strength. This is because the quality of the bonding is good or bad, success or failure. Much depends on the equipment used and the parameters and process methods provided. The general process of gluing includes determining parts, surface treatment, dispensing, gluing, drying, gluing, cleaning, parking, curing, post-curing, inspection, and renovation. In the production operation, the hot melt glue machine is completed with the folding machine. First, the filter paper should be placed on the folding machine and folded to a certain specification. After that, the width of the folding can be set by itself; the second is to fold the filter paper. Then use a hot-melt glue machine for gluing. This process requires automatic glue spraying on the filter paper at a constant speed according to the process needs. Generally, it is sprayed with strip-shaped glue. You can choose single-sided glue or double-sided glue. Fast bonding and forming; finally, it can be cut according to the size of the filter element, loaded into the filter frame and pasted, and finally formed. In general, the manufacture of the filter element can be used many times in the hot melt glue machine. The use of hot melt glue machine will greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor, save production costs and other advantages. Yongtai hot melt adhesive machine manufacturer is an excellent domestic manufacturer of hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. It has great achievements in various bonding and compounding industries. It has been widely used in air conditioners, purifiers, oil filter elements, etc.
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  • Installation Precautions for Hot Melt Hose and Hot Melt Glue Gun
    June 24, 2022 Installation Precautions for Hot Melt Hose and Hot Melt Glue Gun
    Hot melt glue machine is used in home appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe-making material industry, medical dressing industry, toy handicraft industry, clothing industry, etc. It is widely used, and most of them use hot-melt adhesive bonding technology. Hot-melt hose and hot-melt glue gun are indispensable accessories for the glue spraying system of the whole hot-melt glue machine. The three main accessories of the machine, hot melt hose, and hot melt glue gun all have heating functions, and the temperature is high. Be sure to pay attention to safety during installation and use. Pay attention to the following points when installing the hot melt glue gun and hot melt tube: 1. When installing the hot melt hose, the pressure value of the pressure regulating valve needs to be adjusted to zero. 2. When moving and installing the hot melt glue gun, be sure to protect the nozzle. 3. Connect the hot-melt glue gun to the hot-melt glue tube. The power can only be turned on after the hot-melt glue tube is connected to the main body of the hot-melt glue machine. (Note that the screw teeth should be aligned when connecting to prevent slippage) 4. The solenoid valve is close to the nozzle position to avoid prolonging the switching time. 5. During use, the hot-melt hose can be suspended to avoid movement and wear on the ground. In particular, the manual hot melt glue machine is basically a hanging type, which not only protects the hot melt glue tube, but also saves labor.
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  • Maintenance method of hot melt glue machine
    June 16, 2022 Maintenance method of hot melt glue machine
    Hot melt glue spraying machine has a variety of uses, which are found in various industries, such as underwear dispensing, automobile structure and parts, windshield sealing and lamp assembly, etc. How should we maintain such a good machine? Daily maintenance: ① Wipe all parts of the machine to keep the machine clean. ② When the machine stops, remove the air pressure and turn off the auxiliary system motor switch. ③ Do not hit any part of the machine with heavy objects. ④ The adjusted parts of the machine, the timing switch, the switch of the auxiliary system... Please do not turn them at will to avoid troubles in work. Weekly maintenance ① Check whether the power cord is securely fastened. ② Check whether the air pressure source is fixed properly. ③ Check whether the intake pressure regulating valve has accumulated water, and if so, empty it. ④ Check whether each temperature controller is improperly set due to malfunction. Monthly maintenance ① Heat the machine to the working state, but do not connect the wind pressure and turn on the motor switch temporarily. ② Remove the hot melt glue nozzle, use the steel needle attached to clear out the blockage in the glue hole and check whether there is carbide accumulation and remove it. ③ Turn on the air pressure and motor switch, and place a thick cardboard or other container that can accept hot melt adhesive under the glue outlet of the gun body, let the machine discharge glue for a long time, and check whether there is any black in hot melt glue. If there is carbonization, check whether there is carbonization in the glue tank. If yes, it means that the set temperature of the glue tank is too high, and it should be adjusted to an appropriate temperature. If there is no carbonization in the glue tank, check the set temperature of the hose is too high, and adjust it to the appropriate temperature value. ④ Check whether the movement of each temperature controller is normal. ⑤ After completing the above actions, put the nozzle back into the gun body and be sure to lock it firmly. Annual maintenance ① Execute the actions of the weekly maintenance one by one. ② Execute the actions of the monthly maintenance one by one. ③ Cleaning the machine
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  • What problems should you pay attention to when buying a hot melt glue machine?
    June 09, 2022 What problems should you pay attention to when buying a hot melt glue machine?
    Hot melt gluer is a relatively common mechanical equipment, with many models, the most common models are two, one is piston type, the other is gear type. Suitable for dispensing needs required by automated production lines supporting high-tech industries. There is no doubt that dispensing accuracy comes from a high degree of uniformity in high speed, stability, operability, and durability. The structure of these two types of hot melt gluers is relatively simple, so if there is a fault in the later use process, the staff can also find out and solve it in time to restore the normal operation of the hot melt glue machine. However, because there are many hot melt adhesive machine manufacturers, there are some things to pay attention to when purchasing hot melt adhesive equipment. Dispensing machine is also known as glue coating machine, glue dispensing machine, glue machine, glue filling machine, etc. There are many equipment manufacturers making hot melt glue machines in China, and the quality and price of each equipment are different. When choosing equipment manufacturers, it is best to choose a professional manufacturer with a longer establishment time, so as to ensure hot melt quality of glue equipment. For example, Yongtai hot melt adhesive machine is a high-tech equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of hot melt adhesive spraying systems. The company has a strong R & D team and advanced manufacturing equipment at home and abroad, leading production technology to provide customers with a full range of services and technical support from consulting, design to manufacturing, sales. Hot melt glue equipment has piston type and gear type. There are certain differences between these two models, and their production efficiency is also different. In general, different industries need to use matching hot melt adhesive equipment. For example, the automobile industry needs to use the pneumatic type, and the packaging industry needs to use the gear type. Then you need to choose the capacity of the main machine of the hot melt glue machine according to the amount of glue used. According to the production quantity of gluing products per minute, the gluing amount of each product, and finally calculate the gluing amount per hour. Usually the number of kilograms mentioned by the hot melt glue machine refers to the size of the melt amount per hour. This should be selected according to the actual application, of course, you can choose a larger spare. Choosing a suitable hot melt glue machine can improve production efficiency, so you should consult more and compare more before purchasing, and choose according to your actual situation. If you have any questions about hot melt adhesive spraying technology, please contact us.
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  • Dragon Boat Festival
    June 02, 2022 Dragon Boat Festival
    Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month,  it is one of the four top traditional Chinese festivals, along with the Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival. The two main activities during the festival are eating zongzi (rice dumplings) and boat races, and both are related to dragons. Dragon Boat Festival is just one of many fascinating Chinese holidays with roots stretching back into the distant past. If you'd like to learn more about China's many ancient holidays and traditions, you can also explore other traditional holidays like the Qingming Festival and the winter solstice festival. Learning about these traditional festivals is a fun and interesting way to enrich your understanding of Chinese culture. Please kindly be advised that our company will be closed from 3rd.jun to 5th.jun.
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  • What are the application industries of hot melt glue dispenser?
    May 25, 2022 What are the application industries of hot melt glue dispenser?
    Hot melt glue dispenser equipment is a device that uses gear pump technology and imported parts to apply, potting, and drip hot glue, wax or other liquids to the product, so that the product can be pasted, potted, insulated, fixed, smooth surface and other effects are widely used in electronics, lighting and automotive industries. An important unit used to complete the dispensing action on the equipment is the dispensing valve. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the dispensing valve in order to improve production efficiency and product quality. The hot-melt glue dispensing body has a hardware aluminum alloy shell design, and is driven by a power arm shaft, covering the three-dimensional space of the dispensing platform plane. Quickly dissolves the solidified glue to melt it, and drive the dispensing operation through the transmission mode of motor + synchronous belt + linear guide. Like the three-axis platform dispensing machine independently, it is simple and convenient to control the dispensing route. Most of the hot melt glue dispensing machines are used in the production line, and the standard dispensing coating and range are implemented, and the production intensity of each link can be adjusted at any time. The hot melt glue dispenser is the most suitable for the use of pur hot melt glue, which is the most environmentally friendly in recent years. It is a rare and best glue option, with low cost and no odor. The innovation and convenience of hot melt glue machine determine its wide range of applications, mainly used in the following industries: 1. All kinds of different packaging bags, sealing boxes, packaging boxes, packaging boxes, packaging boxes, packaging boxes, packaging boxes 2. Refrigerator sealing and filling, air filter, automotive lighting industry 3. Non-woven industry, one-time sanitary products, etc. are used with the machine. 4. Crystal ball, safety helmet, cosmetic mirror, filter screen forming, all kinds of mold forming 5. Hairpieces, handmade jewelry, toys, sealing boxes (boxes), woodworking, paper, decorative color boxes. 6. Tape, Velcro, floor tiles, express bags, book binding and electronics 7. Rubber bags, sofas and other large-area spraying.
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  • 2022.3.8 Women's day
    March 08, 2022 2022.3.8 Women's day
    International Women's Day is an international holiday celebrated on March 8 each year to commemorate the movement for women's rights. This anniversary is also a legal holiday in many countries. On International Women's Day, societies around the world also celebrate women's important economic, political and social contributions. Will not have the sun, the flowers not to open; Has not liked then not having happiness; Does not have the woman also not to love; Without the mother, also will not have the poet, also will not have the hero. The International Working Women‘s Day is joyful!
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  • YONGTAI Service philosophy
    November 06, 2021 YONGTAI Service philosophy
    As a Hi-Tech enterprise, Quanzhou Yongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of hot melt spraying and coating equipment for 20 years. Our products can be widely used in such industries as footwear, clothing, packaging, compound & lamination, crafts, electronics, automobiles, printing and hygiene. Yongtai pursues outstanding quality throughput, and develops and innovates unceasingly. We have a group of qualified personnel in specific fields of machinery, industrial automation, computer and management, with many years of actual operation experience. We adopt perfect quality assurance system in the whole course of making, installation and debugging to guarantee the high quality of products and excellent performance. The product processing equipment is complete and measurement facility is complete. We never let defective products leave our factory. Yongtai brings up large quantities of technical exquisite project service troops, provides customers with perfect pre-sale, sales and after-sale services, and makes product quality and service maximally satisfying different customers' demands. Along with the unceasing renewal of product technology, we provide users with reliable updated service at the same time. We will grasp the policy of "unremitting exploration, diligent innovation". Yongtai product quality is excellent, the value is much over the price, and Yongtai will be the best choice for all customers. We will be unremitting and diligent to create magnificence together with you.
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