Hot melt glue machine with hand gun
  • 2024 Labour Day
    April 30, 2024 2024 Labour Day
    Happy International Labour Day! Labour is the honour! As th holidays approaches,we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our arrangements. Holidays : May.1st-May 5th Wish all of you a happy and peaceful holiday! Quanzhou Yongtai Machinery CO.,LTD.
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  • Chinese New Year Notice
    February 02, 2024 Chinese New Year Notice
    Dear Customers, Please be informed that our company will be closed from FEB.3rd to FEB.18th for Lunar New Year holiday. Normal business will resume on FEB.19th. Wishing you good luck and prosperity in 2024. Happy Chinese New Year.
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  • What precautions should be taken when maintaining and repairing hot melt glue laminating machine?
    July 07, 2023 What precautions should be taken when maintaining and repairing hot melt glue laminating machine?
    1. Before maintaining and repairing the hot-melt glue laminating machine, the power supply on the hot-melt glue laminating machine and the total power connected to the outside world must be cut off first, and no live operation is allowed. 2. When disassembling, maintaining and repairing, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive decorations to prevent accidents. 3. When you do not understand the principle of gluing machine maintenance, professional after-sales personnel are required to assist, otherwise do not disassemble and repair the hot melt glue gluing machine equipment alone. 4. In any case, do not touch any wire connectors that may be exposed to the outside world or other components that are connected by wires and are not loose. 5. Try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance and repair work. Never perform maintenance work on the hot melt glue machine with flooded floors or in very humid environments. 6. Safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved work clothes must be worn when maintaining and repairing the hot melt glue laminating machine, so as to avoid body parts being scalded by high temperature liquid hot melt glue or burnt by high temperature component surfaces. 7. When loosening or installing the pressure joint, it must be confirmed that the pressure of the pressure air source for the hot melt glue machine has been reduced to zero. 8. If you find that the hot melt glue machine is leaking glue, please do not continue to operate and use the hot melt glue machine. First stop the hot melt glue machine, cut off the power supply, and reduce the operating pressure to zero before overhauling. 9. When cleaning the hot melt adhesive tank, avoid using sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the Teflon non-stick coating inside the rubber barrel.
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  • Hot melt adhesive machine is used in the cosmetics industry
    June 02, 2023 Hot melt adhesive machine is used in the cosmetics industry
    Due to its odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly properties, hot melt adhesives are used in the packaging and assembly of many daily necessities. For example, the product packaging of cosmetics uses hot melt adhesives and hot melt adhesive machines, from packaging cartons to lipstick tubes, cream caps, perfume caps, spray heads, perfume caps, eyelash tubes, etc. of the product itself. Because the volume of cosmetics is relatively small, it is usually glued by spraying glue quickly. During production, a hot-melt glue machine is used together with hot-melt glue tubes, glue guns, and conveyor belts. The hot-melt glue guns and cosmetic components are positioned, and the hot-melt glue machines and conveyor belts are turned on for dispensing with flowing water, followed by manual bonding. This production method has high efficiency, fast response, and glue spraying does not drag, and can effectively control the amount of hot melt glue, reducing costs for enterprises.
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  • Analysis of hot melt glue machine equipments
    September 30, 2022 Analysis of hot melt glue machine equipments
    1.Gear Pump Hot Melt Gluing Machine The horizontal pump body has a simple installation structure, convenient operation, simple appearance, convenient disassembly, and easy maintenance and repair. 2. Piston pump hot glue melter The progressive heating tank improves the heating efficiency, and the special insulation material isolates the high temperature ; the precise metering pump can effectively and accurately realize the glue and continuous. 3.PUR hot melt glue bulk The host adopts high-precision return valve (return valve sensitivity ± 1bar), which has a locking function to avoid damage to equipment or personnel safety caused by operating errors. It can be equipped with robots and mechanical arms to realize automatic production. Applicable industries It is widely used in medical supplies, hook and loop tapes, non-woven fabrics, coating machines, and laminating machines. Widely used in furniture industry, filter and sanitary and environmental protection equipment industry, etc. In addition, it can also be used in automobiles, wood processing, motor vehicles, textiles, electronic appliances, and products with high weather resistance requirements. Equipment advantage 1. Improve labor productivity To ensure the quality of finished products, use mechanical operation instead of manual operation, so that the product does not come into direct contact with the human body, reducing the time that the product is exposed to the air, which provides a reliable guarantee for the cleanliness of food and medicine and the anti-corrosion of metal products; The measurement of mechanical operation is accurate, the quality of finished products is stable, standardized and standardized, and it can meet the needs of various industries of standardization. 2. Reduce labor intensity Replacing manual operation with mechanical operation can free workers from heavy manual labor, reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions. 3. Reduce labor costs In a large number of assembly lines that require a single manual operation, machinery can be used to standardize and unify production, from manual production by multiple people to one person operating mechanical operations, reducing labor costs for enterprises.
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  • 2022 National day
    September 30, 2022 2022 National day
    Dear all customers, National Holiday Notice! Due to the national holiday arrangement, our office will be temporarily out of duty from Oct 1st to Oct 7th, 2022. We are return on Oct 8th, 2022, so you will be able to communicate with us by then or any urgent things you may email Best wishes!
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  • Precautions when using hot melt glue machine in summer
    August 19, 2022 Precautions when using hot melt glue machine in summer
    The weather in summer is hot, and the maximum temperature in various places reaches 40 °C. The hot melt glue machine is the high temperature operation equipment, and a little carelessness will cause serious consequences. The safety matters that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of the hot melt glue machine in summer are mainly as follows: 1. Avoid operating the hot melt gluer around volatile and explosive raw materials or gases. Do not store flammable and explosive items around the spraying equipment of the hot melt gluer. 2. Do not operate the hot melt gluer without proper protective devices, good insulators or good protective panels. Only professionally trained personnel can disassemble and repair the machine when maintenance is required. 3. In the high temperature in summer, the use of melters, hoses, and glue guns should be about 10 degrees lower than the normal temperature. For specific temperature settings, you can also consult the hot melt glue machine manufacturer or engineer. 4. Try to use it where there is no fast-flowing air. Because the hot melt adhesive nozzle combination is exposed to the fast circulating air, the rapid cooling will affect the hot melt adhesive flow of the nozzle combination, and it is easy to produce wire drawing. 5. When adding hot melt adhesive, it should be added before at least one third of the hot melt adhesive in the melt adhesive pot, so as to avoid adding glue when there is no hot melt adhesive in the hot melt adhesive pot, which will affect normal production. 6. The amount of supplementary glue shall not exceed 80% of the total volume of the hot melt glue pot. The main safety precautions described below are to be taken when servicing and servicing the melter: 1. Before the maintenance and maintenance of the hot melt glue machine, the power supply of the hot melt glue machine must be completely cut off to prevent electric shock accidents; 2. When cleaning the hot melt glue tank, do not use flame or sharp tools to avoid scratching the inner surface coating of the glue tank; 3. Safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved clothes should be worn when repairing the heating part to avoid burns; 4. Only qualified personnel can maintain the hot melt adhesive machine; 5. If there is air leakage or glue leakage, the hot melt glue machine must not be used continuously; 6. To disassemble or install the hose joint, make sure that the machine stops pumping glue;
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  • Installation Precautions for Hot Melt Hose and Hot Melt Glue Gun
    August 11, 2022 Installation Precautions for Hot Melt Hose and Hot Melt Glue Gun
    Hot melt glue machine is used in home appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe-making material industry, medical dressing industry, toy handicraft industry, clothing industry, etc. It is widely used, and most of them use hot-melt adhesive bonding technology. Hot-melt hose and hot-melt glue gun are indispensable accessories for the glue spraying system of the whole hot-melt glue machine. The three main accessories of the host, hot melt hose, and hot melt glue gun all have heating functions, and the temperature is high. Be sure to pay attention to safety during installation and use. Pay attention to the following points when installing the hot melt glue gun and hot melt tube: 1. When installing the hot melt hose, the pressure value of the pressure regulating valve needs to be adjusted to zero. 2. When moving and installing the hot melt glue gun, be sure to protect the nozzle. 3. Connect the hot-melt glue gun to the hot-melt glue tube. The power can only be turned on after the hot-melt glue tube is connected to the main body of the hot-melt glue machine. (Note that the screw teeth should be aligned when connecting to prevent slippage) 4. The solenoid valve is close to the nozzle position to avoid prolonging the switching time. 5. During use, the hot-melt hose can be suspended to avoid movement and wear on the ground. In particular, the manual hot melt glue machine is basically a hanging type, which not only protects the hot melt glue tube, but also saves labor.
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