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What precautions should be taken when maintaining and repairing hot melt glue laminating machine?

Jul 07, 2023

1. Before maintaining and repairing the hot-melt glue laminating machine, the power supply on the hot-melt glue laminating machine and the total power connected to the outside world must be cut off first, and no live operation is allowed.

2. When disassembling, maintaining and repairing, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive decorations to prevent accidents.

3. When you do not understand the principle of gluing machine maintenance, professional after-sales personnel are required to assist, otherwise do not disassemble and repair the hot melt glue gluing machine equipment alone.

4. In any case, do not touch any wire connectors that may be exposed to the outside world or other components that are connected by wires and are not loose.

5. Try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance and repair work. Never perform maintenance work on the hot melt glue machine with flooded floors or in very humid environments.

6. Safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved work clothes must be worn when maintaining and repairing the hot melt glue laminating machine, so as to avoid body parts being scalded by high temperature liquid hot melt glue or burnt by high temperature component surfaces.

7. When loosening or installing the pressure joint, it must be confirmed that the pressure of the pressure air source for the hot melt glue machine has been reduced to zero.

8. If you find that the hot melt glue machine is leaking glue, please do not continue to operate and use the hot melt glue machine. First stop the hot melt glue machine, cut off the power supply, and reduce the operating pressure to zero before overhauling.

9. When cleaning the hot melt adhesive tank, avoid using sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the Teflon non-stick coating inside the rubber barrel.

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