Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-SJ100 Automatic labeling of wet wipes cover

Automatic Hot melt glue roller for wipes,enable users to reduce labor and improve production efficiency, accuracy and product quality.
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Main performance and structural features:

1. Adopt dual servo drive, touch screen PLC system control.

2. Parameter operation interface, setting is quick and convenient, and can be set when the machine is running.

3. The transmission adopts RV turbine transmission system synchronous belt transmission, which is stable and reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

4, the label detection uses imported electric eye, mechanical data to control the labeling position, stable and accurate.

5. The labeling position is digitally set on the touch screen operation interface, which is simple, quick and convenient.

The main technical parameters:

Cover size range: (50-150mm) x (50-100mm) x (5-15mm)

 (length x width x thickness)

Production speed: 50 ~ 120 / min

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, steel paper labels

Voltage: 220v50/60HZ

Power: 4.5KW

Dimensions: 3300mmx600mmx1450mm (length x width x height)

Total weight of equipment: about 250kgs

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hot melt packaging machine

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