Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-ZB101 Automatic shoes box leather edge folding hot melt glue machine

This machine is for automatic hot melt adhesive glue frilled edge.
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    Yongtai machine
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this machine is suitable for shoes, leather bags, cell phone sets, such as, PVC, PU leather, natural leather, artificial leather, cloth and other materials.

Glue flanging operation of the machine controlled by single chip microcomputer, the curved teeth with automatic control, outside the curved flanging automatic control slow when folding speed and motor control positioning three big functions, make the whole process realizes intelligence.
1. The touch control panel, the sol temperature, flow quantity, the glue temperature digital display, the quantity of glue stepless adjustment.
2. Advanced folding mechanism, adjustment is simple, easily ruffled meticulous smooth, uniform width, ruffled the garden beautiful.
3. The hem width can be adjusted 2 mm to 6.5 mm can be folded into the reinforcing band.
4. Have inturn automatic gear cutting control function, the dual protection system, outstanding performance.
5. The motor stop automatic positioning, dual protection of the glue system.
6. Fold the edge effect, the work efficiency for manual operation 5 to 10 times.

Technology parameters
The motor power is 0.37 kw
Shape size 1210 * 550 * 550 mm Weight 135 kg

box leather folder gluer

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