Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-ZB101 Leather edge folding gluing machine

November 17 , 2021

Leather edge gluing machine is suitable for leather industry products, such as shoes, clothing, leather bags, golf bags, wallets, bag bottoms and so on. It is a very economical machine because it is easy to operate, meets environmental protection requirements and improves work efficiency.

Main Specifications

Working power supply:AC220V±10%; 50/60HZ

Working environment:Non-corrosive and strong electromagnetic radiation in the box temperature 0-50OC, humidity <85% RH.

Leakage protection:

● rated current 20A, breaking time ≤ 0.1S.

● The rated residual operating current is 30mA.

●Rated residual non-operating current 15mA.

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