• Mouse trap boards gluing machine:YT-LS210 May 15 , 2021
    LS210 is including glue melt tank 1set,hot melt hose 1pcs,210mm slot die 1pcs,auto feeder 1 set,transmission part 1set,pneumatic control part 1set,electric part 1set. 1.Glue melt tank:20kgs It has touch panel to control equipped with gear&n...
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  • Application of PUR hot melt glue bulk melter May 07 , 2021
    The application field of PUR hot melt glue machine is very wide, such as furniture industry (mattress,, sofa spray glue), household appliances (refrigerator, air conditioning dispensing, etc.), automobile manufacturing (car headlights, tires, car interiors), packaging industry (medicine, food, packaging cartons, cigarette boxes, wine boxes, gift packaging boxes, mirror boxes, processing craft boxe...
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  • Hot melt roller coater introduction Hot melt roller coater introduction Apr 25 , 2021
    Gluing machine is a kind of equipment that is widely used in sheet materials. The glue is applied by the glue tank, and the motor drives the roller to rotate. The liquid hot melt glue is evenly spread on the shaft, and the material naturally rolls on the material when it passes through. This type of hot melt glue machine is divided into different lengths according to the width of the material...
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  • Maintain about hot melt glue machine Jul 02 , 2020
    Melting machine repair -more carefully maintain machine,more durable it is    When maintaining and repairing the hot melt adhesive machine, the following main safety precautions should be taken:    1.Before the maintenance work of the hot melt adhesive machine, the power supply on the hot melt adhesive machine and the main power supply connected to the outside must be cut off, ...
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