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Fuse problem when using hot melt glue machine

November 06 , 2021

Each hot melt glue machine has a capacity limit. When the hot melt glue in the glue box is not less than 1/3, you need to add hot melt glue. The hot melt glue machine can add glue while working, just open the glue box to add glue while working. People who use hot melt glue machine equipment sometimes find the phenomenon of smoking. This phenomenon is a bad phenomenon and needs to be solved in time to avoid affecting the production of hot melt glue machines.

1. The operating temperature of the machine is too high

Usually people feel that when using hot melt adhesives, the higher the temperature, the faster the glue will melt and the faster the gluing speed will be. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. When the hot melt glue is melted, the speed and temperature of the melted glue are roughly in the form of an attenuated oscillation function curve, and there are wave crests and troughs. Therefore, when setting the operating temperature of the machine, it is best to refer to the opinions of the hot melt adhesive manufacturer and set the operating temperature based on the actual production situation.

If smoke occurs during the use of hot melt adhesive, you can lower the set temperature of the machine first, and if it still smokes, contact the relevant supplier to confirm whether the construction temperature is appropriate.

2. Temperature control is out of control

At present, there are mainly two kinds of glue equipment on the market, one is the glue box and the other is the extruder. For the melt box, part of the melt box is heated by the heating plate. When the hot melt page is lower than the heating plate, the heating plate is exposed to the air and will continue to heat, causing the melt box to smoke. In serious cases, there may even be carbon deposits in the glue. For this situation, it is necessary to keep the level of the hot melt glue below the heating plate; some melt tanks are heated by a heating tube, just like extruder glue. The real-time temperature is reflected by the temperature sensor. Therefore, when the temperature sensor fails, the extruder and the heating tube melter will continue to heat the hot melt glue, causing the glue to smoke. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the equipment components of the machine in time for this situation.

3. The thermal stability of the hot melt adhesive is too poor

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