Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The hot melt glue machine automatically sprays glue on the daily necessities packaging box

November 05 , 2021

In supermarkets, we often see that all kinds of daily necessities are packed in cartons or cartons, but we have not seen the transparent tape sealing, in fact, it is sealed with hot melt adhesive. You tear open the carton or carton, and there is a hard solid on it, which is hot melt adhesive.

Now we advocate environmental protection and reduce the use of tape. The environmental protection of hot melt adhesive makes it a new favorite for bonding various materials. Hot melt glue is sprayed on the carton or carton, which is done by the hot melt glue machine. Hot-melt glue and hot-melt glue machine are inseparable, the use of hot-melt glue must use hot-melt glue machine. In daily necessities packaging, in order to meet the large-scale production of enterprises, they use automatic hot melt glue machines, which can quickly spray glue on cartons or cartons. The cartons and cartons are firmly bonded and have a beautiful appearance.

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