Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Car roof-application of hot melt glue machine

November 05 , 2021

The production of car roof requires several kinds of materials to paste. In the traditional process, water glue is almost used. The car produced in this way has a strong smell and pungent, and it will damage the health of the human body over time. So people Started to find another way, looking for a new adhesive. The emergence of hot melt adhesives has solved this dilemma. Hot melt adhesives are non-toxic and tasteless, are made of resin, meet international environmental protection standards, and have no harm to the human body or the environment!

The production of car roofs requires hot melt glue machines. Hot melt glue machines are professional equipment that uses hot melt glue. In the beginning, there may be more manual hot melt glue spraying machines, but this method is slower and requires a lot of labor. Also, because the roof of the car is relatively large, employees need to move during the glue spraying process, which takes more time. Now there is an automatic hot-melt glue machine with a robot. This method has fast glue spraying speed and less labor. It can be completed by only manually turning on it. Isn't it very simple? Regardless of whether you use manual or automatic, you must use hot melt glue machine equipment.

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