Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hook loop tapes glue dispensing machine troubleshooting

November 17 , 2021


Adhesive automatic hot glue dispenser machine does not run :

1. Check if the release paper is installed in place. The release paper holder is equipped with a material detector. When the material leaves the detector, the machine may not run

2. Check if the feed switch is turned on and the switch is out

3. Check whether the power supply is connected correctly

No glue from the glue gun:

1. Check whether the valve switch is open

2. Check whether the glue gun and the aviation plug of the control box are connected properly

3. Check whether the air pressure is normal, 4-6KG/CM³ is required for normal

4. Check whether the glue pump switch is turned on

The hook-and-loop fastener is not neatly compounded

1. Check whether the materials are aligned

2. Check if the release tension of the release paper is too large or too small

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