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What should I do if the glue of the hot melt glue machine is uneven?

November 10 , 2022

When the hot melt glue machine is in production, the stability of glue output is the most basic requirement for the equipment, but in the production process, there are times when the glue machine discharges more or less often. What's going on? How do we check and deal with it?

1. First check whether the set temperature of the hot-melt glue machine, hose and glue gun has reached the use temperature of the hot-melt glue. If one of the three does not have a temperature that does not reach the use temperature, the phenomenon of unstable glue production will occur.

2. Check whether the heating and temperature control device of the hot melt adhesive machine is normal, and repair it in time if there is a fault.

3. It is possible that the hot melt glue sprayer is not regularly maintained, and there are carbides and impurities in the glue box, causing the glue channel to be blocked.

4. When using the hot melt glue machine, add glue in time. If the amount of glue in the glue box is too small, adding a large amount of glue will cause the temperature in the glue box to drop significantly, which will affect the glue output. The normal glue level should be maintained at about 80%, so that the glue can be added in time.

5. There are too many impurities in the hot-melt adhesive, or too much ash layer falls into the storage, so it is necessary to choose a hot-melt adhesive with good quality and keep it well, which not only affects the glue spraying effect of the hot-melt glue sprayer , but also affect product quality.

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