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Application of hot melt glue machine in disposable hygiene products industry

November 03 , 2022

The hot melt glue machine is mainly used in the disposable hygiene products industry for women's sanitary napkins, children's diapers, sick mattresses, elderly incontinence products, etc. Especially the latter, with the continuous aging of my country's population structure. The demand for elderly incontinence products will increase rapidly in the future.

Main application

In the feminine hygiene products industry, hot melt glue machine is mainly used for spraying glue on the back of products, and surgical gowns are mainly used for bonding non-woven fabrics. According to different needs of products, choose different hot melt glues and different spray glues way.

Application solution

Sanitary products are generally realized by the following technical solutions: a liquid-absorbing core structure in the sanitary product industry, including an upper layer composite material and a lower layer composite material, and the upper layer composite material and the lower layer composite material are glued to each other, and each part is punched with penetration holes .

Apply SAP resin during the production process, so that the resin layer penetrates down to part of the first fluffy non-woven fabric layer and the inside of the second fluffy non-woven fabric layer structure; integral molding: turn the upper composite material over, and mix the upper composite material with The lower-layer composite materials are attached to each other, and then press on the top to press the upper-layer composite material and the lower-layer composite material together, and then heat the upper and lower sides to melt the resin layer and then glue; In addition to bonding, it can also be bonded by spraying hot melt adhesive between the upper composite material and the lower composite material. The diffusion and diversion effects of the liquid absorbent core are improved, and two layers of fluffy non-woven fabrics are used, which improves the anti-reverse osmosis water performance of the material, and the use effect is better.

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