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November 17 , 2022

Is hot melt adhesive used on mattresses environmentally friendly?

Hot melt adhesives are more and more widely used in the market as environmentally friendly adhesives. There are many layers of mattress materials, and the production processes are also different. Among them, the non-adhesive process is one, and all of them are replaced by buckle cloth. The other is to use hot-melt adhesive instead of chemical adhesive. Hot-melt adhesive is internationally recognized. Environmentally friendly glue, hot melt glue will not release formaldehyde after solidification, so it has become the first choice for mattress glue, and the problem of formaldehyde has also been solved in terms of technology.

Comparison of three common adhesive products:

1.Water-based glue: Water-based glue has a small smell, is non-flammable, and is easy to clean. However, various additives are added to the water-based adhesive, so it will cause certain pollution to the environment. In addition, the water-based glue has a long curing time, poor initial viscosity, and poor water resistance. , Poor frost resistance.

2.Solvent adhesive: strong viscosity, not easy to spill glue, and suitable for outdoor labeling, but solvent adhesive is not environmentally friendly. The solvent contains toluene, xylene and other raw materials that are harmful to health, so the solvent glue is toxic and dangerous, and there is a certain risk in the production process and transportation process, and the price of such products is relatively high.

3.Hot-melt adhesive: hot-melt adhesive has strong viscosity, good water resistance, and is solid at room temperature. Even if the hot-melt adhesive is in contact for a long time, it will not cause harm to the human body. This is the incomparable superiority of other adhesives.

What are the advantages of using a hot melt glue machine for mattresses?

1. Fast, the whole bonding process only takes 1-3 seconds to complete (even faster).

2. It occupies less space, and the hot melt adhesive machine is small in size and only needs a small space.

3. Low production cost per unit product. The operation is simple, lightweight and convenient.

4. The bonding effect is good, the bonding strength is high, and the strength after bonding is strengthened, and the quality is reliable.

5. There is no waste disposal problem, and there is no problem of glue leakage and waste. Comply with export requirements.

6. The appearance of the mattress is more beautiful.

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