Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Advantages of hot melt glue machine

June 25 , 2021

This platen single-tube PUR hot melt glue machine consists of three parts: PUR hot melt glue machine, hot melt glue delivery tube, and manual glue gun. It is used for hot melt and spraying of PUR barrel glue, suitable for most of the production process occasions with glue bonding, and is widely used in product assembly in various industries such as printing, packaging, automobiles, clothing and shoes, electronics, furniture, etc. .

The most important difference between the water-based glue machine and the hot-melt glue machine is the lack of the glue melting process, which also prevents the machine from working at high temperatures for a long time and has low energy consumption. Generally, the water-based glue machine requires the temperature control of the machine to be around 45-55 degrees. Conducive to the constant flow and pressure of the glue. Because of its good flow properties, suitable viscosity, good water retention performance, it can completely and evenly infiltrate the surface of the adherend, strong adhesion, stable performance, not easy to delamination, gelation, decay, etc., and it is also suitable for the bonding of corrugated cardboard . The water-based glue machine is also more economical, convenient to operate, resistant to strong corrosion, and widely used; but the water-based glue machine is slightly toxic, unlike the hot melt glue machine, which is colorless, odorless, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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