Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Wood edge banding gluing machine

July 02 , 2021

Edge-banding hot-melt glue machine for gluing wood panels, especially in the furniture industry, has developed rapidly in recent years. Hot-melt glue machines are widely used in floor bonding and wood board edge sealing.

1: Hot melt adhesive rollers can be used when the glue volume control requirements are relatively low, but the surface to be bonded is required to be flat.

2: It is required that the amount of glue is very uniform, and the length of the glue position is accurate. The hot glue spray machine can be equipped with a scraping gun or spray gun about 10KG. When in use, the fluidity can be obtained after heating and melting, and the viscosity can be achieved after cooling. Fast bonding and good effect, especially suitable for continuous production lines. The hot melt glue machine is applied in the building materials industry for gluing, so that the process of bonding several pieces of plates is simple, and the compounding process does not need to be dried. Moreover, the bonding surface has no obvious traces of heat, and it is washable. Fast speed, easy to automate production---high efficiency and low energy consumption. At the same time, it does not contain solvents, is non-toxic to humans, and meets environmental protection requirements. Of course other wood products. Gluing of wood products includes furniture and furniture, flat panels, floor splicing, furniture edge banding, and bonding of wood products and leather.

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