Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-GL1600 Large tank hot melt roller coater feature

July 17 , 2021

Product features:

1. Novel design, beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, the unique coating of the glue tank prevents the glue from yellowing and does not stick to the glue;

2. Intelligent automatic control, simple and convenient operation;

3. Fast glue melting speed, adjustable glue amount and adjustable running speed;

4. The structure is novel and fully enclosed, and the glue tank is manufactured as a whole without leaking glue;

5. The whole machine has over-temperature, short-circuit, overload, and leakage protection functions;

6. Suitable for bonding thin materials and large-area accessories;

7. The upper pressure roller is easy to disassemble and assemble, suitable for various production needs.

The main purpose:

Mainly used for EPE, EVA, sponge, foam, honeycomb paperboard, cardboard & EPE, carton, shoe material, scouring pad and other materials to evenly apply hot melt adhesive for sticking and forming, suitable for various relatively Glue on thick or vertical materials. Such as cushioning, protection, packaging materials, woodware and sports equipment, etc.

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