Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Shoe material hot melt glue spraying machine

July 17 , 2021

Shoe material hot melt glue spraying machine, automatic glue spraying machine equipment

1. Light weight, small size and easy to move. Can be placed on the workbench arbitrarily.

2. Pressure maintaining power system. Save energy and effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises.

3. The pressure and flow can be adjusted. The glue flow can be freely controlled by the air pressure and the stroke of the nozzle.

4. Fast glue melting rate. Use 800W power and high-efficiency heat preservation device. Save energy and increase the speed of melting glue.

5. Low failure rate. The structure is clear, and all parts of the components are connected with the smallest system. High reliability.

6. The timer can control the amount of glue sprayed each time. You can choose a variety of time controllers with a control time of 0-60 seconds.

7. The equipment cost is low, saving the initial investment for the enterprise. The operation is simple, and the newly recruited employees can operate the equipment independently after only 5 minutes of training.

8. Improve efficiency and reduce waste. No dripping and no leakage, reducing waste.

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