Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

High speed full automatic tissue paper carton boxpacking machine

July 20 , 2021

1. Product introduction

The box sealing machine is divided into: box sealing mechanism, hot melt glue tank, push box mechanism, and fixed frame. The equipment is suitable for the production of carton box sealing and packaging technology. It is used in product box packaging in food packaging, cosmetic packaging, tissue packaging, electronic toys and other industries.

2. Features

Carton sealing folding machine, automatically dotting the hot melt glue to seal the two ends of the carton

1. The carton sealing effect is good, and the material selection of the whole machine meets environmental protection requirements

2. The carton feeding and discharging adopt reasonable design, so that the equipment has a small footprint

3. Adopt automatic gluing method to apply glue on the folding edge of the carton

4. Applicable to a variety of carton specifications, easy to adjust when changing specifications, use the handwheel to adjust the required size

5. Glue sealing box design closed structure, simple and fashionable appearance

6. Optimize power consumption, conform to the new concept of energy saving, and low investment cost

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