Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Automobile industry application of hot melt glue machine

July 21 , 2021

Automobile hot melt glue machine is mainly used for the bonding of car roofs (including PVC roof joints, roof linings, roof sound insulation pad bonding, roof arched reinforcement beams and roof bonding, etc.), The bonding of interior and exterior decorations of automobiles and the welding and sealing of automobile body panels are mainly based on polyester and polyamide hot melt adhesives.

1. Headlight

  The traditional method of headlamps is to use a rubber sealing strip with holes, which is compressed and sealed by screws. After using hot melt glue, it can be quickly bonded and sealed, which reduces costs and is conducive to automated production, and has better sealing.

2. Seat

In the past, the seat production used curling, buckle and other mechanical methods to fix the seat cushion and the frame together. Now it is bonded with hot melt adhesive, which can not only reduce the occurrence of misalignment, but also can be semi-automatically produced, which greatly reduces Cost of production.

3. Dashboard ventilation duct

  The car dashboard and cardboard parts are glued to form a cavity ventilation duct. In the past, large staples were used to connect, which not only wasted man-hours, but also was not well sealed. The use of hot melt adhesive improved production efficiency and ensured quality.

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