Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-F200 200mm width hot melt adhesive bead dispensing nozzles

It can provide continuously dispense glue & intermittent dispensing glue.
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The fiber spray gun is designed by the melt-blown technology,that can be used in the non-woven industry. It can perform intermittent and continuous spraying at medium and low or high speed. The sprayed glue is fibrous, delicate, strong in adhesion and evenly distributed.

1. Under the same composite strength, only 50% of the glue used in the spiral spray method is needed, which saves more hot melt glue.
2. High-strength wear-resistant stainless steel nozzle, strong durability, using multi-layer filtration technology to prevent clogging to the greatest extent.
3. The glue spray width is 25MM-2000MM, and the edge is controlled at ±1.OMM; other glue spray widths can be customized on demand.
4. It can be modified and applied to hot melt glue machines of all brands in the world according to user needs.

The following picuture shows the gluing pattern of fiber misting nozzle:

paper glue machine

automatic measured liquid dispenser

hot melt spraying machine

The coating width of this nozzle can meet your requirement because it can be designed accotrding to the dimension fo your products.

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