Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Customized slot die with width regulation

Automatic edge banding glue gun
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This applicator is widely used for furnitures.


1.The best bonding is achieved through precise control of dispensing.

2.The nozzle closing device prevents the adhesive, especially reactive polyurethane (PUR) from being exposed to the air.

3.Reduce replacement and maintenance time, as well as the use of adhesives.

4.There is no need to purge between width changes, because the internal volume of the applicator is uniform, which can avoid extrusion or introducing air into the nozzle.

5.Due to precise and consistent adhesive application, the use of adhesives is reduced, thereby reducing costs.

6.Higher-quality adhesion and appearance, almost no rework can be manually cleaned and extruded.

7.Improve production flexibility by soft molding or directly applying adhesive to the panel.

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