Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-SP201 Candle Wax Melter Melting Pot Oil Heating Tank

August 03 , 2021

Advantages of gear pump hot melt glue spraying machine:

Glue: Spiral mist and dot spray glue/strip.


Toys (bonding, fixing, wiring, insulation); small box packaging and packaging; handbags and leather bags; small household appliances, wires, connectors, connectors; audio, picture frames; identification labels; hardware fixing; small paper products bonding and fixing; Small accessories, handicrafts, hairpins, etc.; electronic products are fixed, glued, insulated; other manual or semi-automatic applications that require glue.

Features of hot melt glue dispenser:

(1) This machine adopts two-stage filter equipment to reduce nozzle clogging.

(2) The glue bucket adopts a special structure, which can quickly melt the solid hot melt glue into a liquid state.

(3) The design of this machine is suitable for various types and types of hot melt adhesives.

(4) The glue spraying speed is fast, strong, stable and even.

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