Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-LS100 Strip hot melt glue gun automatic nozzle

August 03 , 2021

Features of strip hot melt glue gun:

1. Optimize the gun body control module, and adopt multiple combination seals to ensure that the gun is prevented from being polluted by leaking glue after a long time of work.

2. The special design of the switch glue liquid contact point ensures the high sensitivity of the switch glue.

3. The integrated module and the main body of the scraper can produce fast response time.

4. The heated built-in filter screen structure can effectively eliminate impurities and carbides to prevent nozzle blockage.

5. The use of micro-drip nozzles can prevent the occurrence of tailing and wire drawing to the greatest extent.


1. Working frequency: up to 2000 times

2. Working temperature: up to 250℃

3. Temperature sensor: PT100 or K type

4. Air pressure: 4 kg/cm²------6 kg/cm²

5. Working voltage: 220V AC 50/60 Hz, single phase

6. Control voltage: 24V DC and 220V AC.

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