Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hot melt glue applicator for woodworking edge banding

August 02 , 2021

The edge banding glue gun can apply the adhesive uniformly to the edge of the board. For edge banding and edge sealing applications, it is suitable for a variety of hot melt adhesives, including EVA, polyolefin and PUR materials.

Mainly used in: adhesive tape industry, hook and loop fastener industry, sanitary products industry, material compounding, supporting woodworking wrapping machines, etc.

1. The design of the precision curved scraping nozzle greatly improves the working angle of the scraping gun.

2. The scraper nozzle is made of high wear-resistant materials, heat-treated, and precision processed, which is not rusty and durable.

3. According to customer requirements, different spray width and squeegee dosage can be adjusted online.

Eliminate air pollution through a closed system, reducing maintenance, cleaning and labor costs.

Reduce material consumption through better adhesive control and metering.

The positive pressure coating of the substrate produces an accurate amount of glue.

Precise temperature control maintains consistent bonding quality and material properties, achieving consistent adhesive viscosity and preventing insufficient carbonization and curing.

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