Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-DT1000 Hot Melt Glue Applicator Machine Small Carton Gluing Machinery

August 02 , 2021

1. Specially designed for gluing large-area flat materials according to product requirements and different materials. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted. Environmentally friendly hot melt glue is used instead of self-adhesive glue, water-based glue, etc.

2. It has a safety design to prevent the hand from being caught in the roller, and the device to prevent the work from being caught in the glue tank.

3. The main rotation system adopts non-stage speed regulation, rollers, independent temperature control of the glue tank, and double temperature protection. The rubber barrel adopts Teflon coating to greatly reduce the oxidation of the glue and guarantee the quality of the product.

4. The coating width can be designed according to the different requirements of customers

Control panel and operating instructions:

1. Turn on the power of the main unit, the main unit will automatically heat up, the temperature of the rubber roller temperature control meter is set at 100-130℃, and the temperature of the glue tank is set according to the actual melting point of the glue, (usually about 160℃)  

2. After reaching the heating temperature, press the motor start switch. (The over-temperature alarm will automatically cut off the power after the preset temperature is exceeded)

3. Adjust the rubber roller and speed. 

4. If the glue is not evenly spread, the glue amount on the back can be adjusted by adjusting the gap between the scraping copper sheet and the roller to change the glue amount.  

5. The thickness of the plate can be adjusted by adjusting the bolts at both ends of the upper pressing roller to adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers to meet the requirements of gluing various materials.

6. Before shutting down the machine, stop the rotation of the roller, reset the motor speed controller to zero, press the motor stop switch, and then turn off the power switch.

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