Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

YT-QB202 hot melt adhesive spraying machine melter

November 24 , 2021

The YT-QB202 series Hot Melt Applicator is designed to melt all forms and shapes of hot melt adhesives. It can be used in the range of 500-12,000 CPS and is suitable for manual and semi-automatic applications. The inside is pumped with a pneumatic piston.

The machine can be divided into two main parts, the electrical control part and the mechanical part. The mechanical part also includes a hydraulic system and a pneumatic power part. The heat preservation method is to cover the bottom of the plastic storage barrel and the place around it with the double-layer glass fiber, which can reduce the heat absorbed by the mechanical surface and prevent the user from being burnt.

The solid hot melt adhesive is rapidly melted into a liquid in a specially constructed plastic storage tank, and flows to the bottom of the plastic bucket, which is gathered around the double-action piston pump (Dual-Action Piston Pump) at the bottom of the plastic bucket, and the cylinder on the piston pump When activated, the molten glue is sucked into the pump, and the glue is also extruded through the heating plate to the rubber sheet (Manifold), and then flows through the filter group device, and then flows out of the rubber board through the insulation tube or guide. The hose guides the nozzle assembly or the hot melt glue gun, and the glue sprayed by these devices is available.

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