Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Safety when using hot melt adhesives and solvents

November 23 , 2021

Safety when hot glue dispensing machine applys hot melt adhesives and solvents

Hot glue adhesive

When using high temperature hot melt adhesives, pay more attention to the following:

●The hot melt adhesive can quickly condense into a solid at a high liquid temperature. Even if the appearance is solid, the inside is still liquid and has a high temperature. Once it touches the human skin, it will cause serious damage.

● When working near the hot melt machine or when loading hot melt glue to the plastic drum, be sure to wear safety uniforms, gloves and goggles.

Heating solvent

● When cleaning adhesive-coated components with a heated solvent, do not use them with fireworks or temperature-free equipment.

● Do not use paint stripping solvents to clean adhesive-coated components because they are highly volatile, prone to burning, exploding, and produce toxic gases at high temperatures.

● Before using the cleaning solvent, it is necessary to check whether the air circulation in the room is good.

● Try to avoid working under the cleaning solvent for a long time, so as not to inhale too much toxic gas caused by high temperature.

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