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Temperature Controller of Hot Melt Applicator Equipment

November 27 , 2021

Temperature Controller (Temperature Controller)

The temperature control system can be divided into two individually controlled areas, the temperature of which is represented by OC. Totally 2-3 different types of temperature controllers are used, namely electronic temperature controllers and mechanical temperature controllers that read temperatures at scale:

 (1) Electronic proportional temperature controller

  The temperature induced by the Thermocouple is first converted into an electrical signal and then transmitted to the comparator of the temperature controller. After comparing the voltage sensed by the comparator heating couple with the set value, the DC power signal is sent to the solid state relay ( SSR), the power switch that controls the heater.

 (2) PID temperature controller

  The PID temperature controller is a Proportional/Integral/Derivative (PID) combination temperature controller. The signal transmitted by the resistor temperature detector is set by the proportional control. After the temperature is compared, the actual temperature is controlled to be close to the lower range of the set value. The difference between the actual value and the set value is calculated via the integral control, and the deviation value between them is automatically reduced to approach zero. In order to solve the problem that overheating may occur again, especially when the system is warming, there is a so-called differential method to control. At any time, as long as the temperature exceeds its expected conditions, the differential control detects and controls the increase and decrease in temperature of the heating element.

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