Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What should we do if the hot melt glue machine makes noise?

August 13 , 2021

The hot melt glue machine has aerodynamic noise: it is caused by the vibration of the gas body, such as the noise caused by the exhaust fan, the refrigeration compressor, the automobile engine, the jet plane and the rocket bomb. Magnetically induced noise: Noise caused by magnetically induced vibrations, such as motors, generator sets, and transformers. Reflective noise: noise caused by solid-state vibrations, such as transmission gears, rolling bearings, and housings.

Common measures to solve the noise source: reduce encouragement, such as reducing impact force and balancing the rotation quality of the rotor; carry out proper correction and centering when installing equipment and parts; ensure excellent lubrication of the fusion surface of the relative speed parts and Reduce the surface roughness of the fusion surface; adopt shock absorption and damping measures to reduce the response of the prefabricated components to the encouragement of the radiation source noise.

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