Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Application of hot coating machine in medical industry

August 13 , 2021

Manufacturers have their own unique requirements for medical packaging (including medicines and medical devices), including reliable barriers that can withstand sterilization, prevent medicines from being secretly changed, easy to use, strong in texture, reasonable in price, and easy to use. Timely delivery, reliable technical backing, etc. For a multi-layer composite material, it is required that the laminate can withstand heat, can withstand impact and tear. Therefore, various tests must be carried out on this laminated material to observe whether the characteristics of the mixture can meet the packaging requirements.

For example, the well-known non-woven fabric is a composite material in commonly used medical supplies. The common term is disposable disinfection products, masks, protection, baby diapers and other high-level isolation and sterilization medical-grade products.

The hot melt adhesive has the following advantages for long-term composite bonding packaging:

The first is that it can take different forms and be applied as separate dots, lines or patterns. This kind of dot pattern consumes only 30-50% of the total area coated.

Secondly, hot melt adhesives can be applied to the surface of coated materials, which are more adaptable than general water-containing adhesives or solvent-containing adhesives. It can be used from a coating amount of less than 5 g/m² to a coating amount of more than 50 g/m². The material with high coating amount can absorb the shock and vibration to the packaging under severe transportation conditions.

Biologically for the coexistence and harmony of the product, the hot melt glue used in the hot melt glue machine equipment is made of natural resin, does not add any chemical substances harmful to the human body, and can be recycled for secondary use. As the banner of environmental protection is getting louder and louder, manufacturers in all walks of life have used hot melt glue machine equipment.

Third, hot melt adhesives have some limitations when used in medical packaging. Its viscosity must be limited to less than 10,000 centipoise (viscosity units) at 165°C, because at high temperatures, it will affect and limit heat The performance of the melt adhesive, so it is very important to focus on improving the technology in this area.

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