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Precautions and treatment methods for surface hot melt adhesive bonding

August 11 , 2021

The key points of hot melt adhesive bonding knowledge and some basic processing methods.

To activate the surface to be adhered, through chemical or physical methods, some polar groups are introduced into the surface layer, so that the low-energy surface becomes the high-energy surface, the inert surface becomes the active surface, and the difficult-to-stick surface becomes the easy-adhesive surface. Here mainly refers to some non-polar surfaces, such as polyethylene (propylene) ene, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. In the air filter, it mainly involves the selection of some plastic parts. The general plastic parts are PP, ABS, PPO, PS , PVC, etc. While meeting the product requirements, try to avoid choosing some non-polar surface materials. If the choice is not appropriate, the cost of adhesion will be increased. The price is an important factor in expanding the market no matter in which industry.

Surface chemical structure: The chemical composition and structure of the surface have an important impact on the bonding performance, durability, and thermal aging performance of the adhered material. The surface structure often affects the bonding performance by changing the cohesive strength of the surface layer. , Thickness, porosity, activity and surface energy. The main thing involved in the air filter is the selection of some spray surface materials.

Choosing the right spray material and spray surface not only makes the gluing easier, but also reduces the cost of gluing. The competition in the air filter industry is fierce, and price is a common concern. If you want to reduce the cost of the filter, you must start from the overall situation and comprehensively consider the choice of various materials to ensure product quality and reduce costs, but only It is incorrect to focus on one aspect. Choosing the right material and matching with a professional hot melt glue machine can complement each other and make you more competitive in this industry.

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