Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What kind of hot melt adhesive is suitable for using with the hot melt glue machine?

October 20 , 2021

The so-called hot-melt glue machine is a machine that uses hot-melt glue to spray glue. This kind of machine can only spray hot-melt glue. Hot-melt glue is a kind of glue. It has a solid shape at room temperature, non-toxic and odorless. The colors are mostly white, yellow, and transparent. Generally, it is heated by a hot-melt glue machine to melt the hot-melt glue into a liquid state, and then it can be sprayed on the material to play the role of adhesion.

When you choose a hot melt adhesive machine, you will definitely have a question, which type of hot melt adhesive is more suitable? In fact, in order to better utilize the advantages of the hot melt glue spraying machine and protect the hot melt glue machine, it is recommended that you choose hot melt adhesives, and you must choose higher quality hot melt adhesives, high-quality hot melt adhesives with less impurities , High viscosity. High-quality hot-melt adhesives can avoid blockage of the hot-melt glue machine due to glue quality, and can also reduce the formation of carbides in the melt box.

Different types of hot melt adhesives have different colors and different levels of viscosity. Hot melt adhesives with high viscosity have two advantages. One is to meet the bonding needs of the enterprise, and the other is that the hot melt adhesive machine can be Use less hot melt adhesive to complete the bonding of the product, which saves the cost for the enterprise while ensuring the quality of the product.

If the adhesive material has special requirements for the color, it is necessary to choose the hot melt adhesive of the corresponding color, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the product. In addition, the cooling time of hot melt adhesive is also an important factor. The cooling time of different properties of hot melt adhesive is different, so customers should choose according to the time of the glue spraying process. If you are not sure about this glue purchase requirement, you can tell your own process requirements in detail with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will choose the most suitable hot melt adhesive for you.

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