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How to remove and install the gear pump of the hot melt glue machine?

October 20 , 2021

The hot melt glue machine is divided into piston pump hot melt glue machine and gear pump hot melt glue machine. There are essential differences between the two. What should I do when the gear pump hot melt glue machine is disassembled and installed during temporary rest and work?

First, turn off the motor switch to stop the motor from installing; secondly, when the hot melt glue machine reaches the working temperature, turn off its power; then, wear gloves, remove the gear pump with tools, and clean the gear pump with detergent Or replace, if the pump shaft is replaced, be sure not to reverse the direction when installing; then, follow the disassembly sequence to assemble and fix the gear pump in traffic.

The above steps seem simple, but in fact, you need to pay more attention. Non-professionals should not operate without authorization. The gear pump is the core of the whole set of hot melt glue machine equipment. It must be carried out under the guidance of professionals to avoid secondary damage.

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Hot melt glue machine

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