Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Can the hot melt glue machine be used in electrical appliances?

October 19 , 2021

The electrical cabinet door needs to be sealed to ensure the safety of the product. Can the hot melt glue machine also be used to seal the electrical cabinet door? If so, how to choose a hot melt glue machine?

As everyone knows, hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly glues with no irritating odor and have no impact on the health of producers and consumers. They are solid at room temperature, liquid at high temperatures, and solidify after cold areas, so they can be used In the sealing process. The coating of hot melt glue requires a hot melt glue machine as a container to achieve the effect of glue spraying. Yongtai company has more than ten years of experience in the sealing process, and has a good reputation in the industry. Our company has professional and technical personnel. , Can provide you with a good sealing solution to solve your troubles.

Usually hot melt glue machines have manual and automatic glue spraying methods. In the electrical industry, there are no restrictions on products. The manual glue spraying method uses manual glue spraying, which is more flexible. The automatic glue spraying method has relatively high production efficiency, accurate glue dispensing and glue saving. However, manual glue spraying is frequently used in the door of electrical cabinets. Employees can hold the hot melt glue gun to spray glue at the position that needs to be sealed. After the hot melt glue is cured, the sealing work can be completed. In this industry, one machine can meet several workstations, and production is guaranteed. If you choose manual or automatic glue spraying, of course, it is up to the customer to choose the glue spraying method that suits his plan.

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