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Storage method of hot melt pellets

October 19 , 2021

Storage method of hot melt pellets

Precautions :

1. Sealed and stored. Hot melt adhesive particles will absorb moisture when exposed to the air. It is impossible to judge whether it absorbs water due to its appearance. The water-containing rubber particles tend to foam during melting and reduce the bonding strength. Therefore, seal it to prevent moisture after application.

2. Hot-melt rubber particles are granular solid substances. No special treatment is required. However, the molten state should prevent touching the skin and causing burns.

The method of cleaning the equipment, or clean the equipment with mineral oil or paraffin at 120℃, and then rinse with hot melt adhesive. The glue should not exceed 150℃.

Storage method

1. Avoid high temperature and store in a cool place. Generally, the transportation and storage environment can be between below ℃ and 50 ℃.

2.Avoid exploding in the sun.

3. Appropriately add an outer layer of protection to prevent rodents, ants and insects from being contaminated and biting (of course this probability is relatively small, haha)

The above is the storage method of hot melt adhesive pellets, sealed and stored, placed in a cool and dry place, and can not be exposed to sunlight, so as to ensure that the hot melt adhesive pellets have a good performance when used and play a good role.

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