Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What are the temperature control methods of the hot melt glue machine?

August 21 , 2021

Temperature is the main factor that affects the glue spraying effect of the hot melt glue machine. If the temperature is too low, the melting speed of the glue is not good. The glue sprayed by the hot melt glue spraying machine is not ideal. The spray glue is beautiful. How can we control the temperature of our products?

There are a total of three temperature control methods for hot melt adhesive gluing machines on the market:

1. The hot melt glue machine is controlled by a temperature control meter. This is the simplest one. One temperature control meter controls one temperature zone, up to 9 points. This type of hot melt glue machine can connect four hot melt hoses and four hot melt adhesives at the same time. The gun controls the four outputs of the hot melt glue machine at the same time, a total of 8 hot melt glue machine meters, the last one is to control the temperature of the hot melt glue machine, this hot melt glue machine temperature control method is simple to operate, but the cost is not Low.

2. The hot melt glue machine adopts the PLC touch screen temperature control system, which is more advanced and simpler than the instrument, and can be operated by simply pressing the number keys on the screen. On the PLC display screen, the hot melt glue machine is like an integrated computer, which can set the temperature control of the glue gun, hose and glue machine at the same time.

3. The hot melt glue machine adopts single-chip microcomputer temperature control and highly sensitive electronic commutation technology.

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