Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How to correct the crooked glue strips ejected from the hot melt glue machine

August 21 , 2021

1. During the glue spraying process of the hot melt glue machine, the glue strip is not straight when it is turned on from the beginning. , Do not hit the air pressure too high, it should be within the specified range of the hot melt glue machine manual.

2. If the glue spraying of the hot melt glue machine is stable at the beginning, and the glue path is skewed during the walking process, it can basically be judged because the pressure of the pump has leaked. You can check whether the seal ring of the pump body is damaged or not. If it is damaged, just change the sealing ring.

3. After eliminating the problem of the hot melt glue machine equipment, if the hot melt glue machine is okay, then we have to see if the weather turns cold, and the glue cannot reach the melting point at the temperature set by the original hot melt glue machine. Therefore, the glue sprayed is not straight. At this time, we can consider to increase the temperature of the glue machine to about 5 degrees. However, the maximum temperature must not be exceeded, and half of the hot melt glue machine's operating temperature is below 220 degrees.

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