Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Installation of Hose & Nozzle Assembly

August 20 , 2021

1.Fix the nozzle assembly horizontally or vertically in a proper place (assembly line,a desktop shelf,etc) with a Ф0.5” steel stick.

Keep the nozzle facing the area to be sprayed or injected or coated.

Note:When removing or installing nozzle assembly,extreme care should be given to protect the nozzle.

2.Connect one side of the hose to the outlets of manifold,and tighten the connection part with a monkey wrench.Then plug the electrical terminal into the machine’s adapter.

3.Connect the other side of the hose to the nozzle assembly (or handgun) and tighten the screw.Then get the two plugs connected.If re-installation is needed in future’s application,firstly get the plugs connected,and power on ,when hot melts on both ends is melted,get the hose and the manifold connected.

Note:Do not constantly move hose in cold floor or metal surface,which will make the hose less efficient.

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