Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What are the advantages of car hot melt adhesive?

August 07 , 2021

Automotive hot melt glue is a environmentally friendly adhesive, suitable for high-speed automatic water supply line operations. Today's automotive industry has developed rapidly. With the improvement of automation levels of automobile production, the automotive industry requires a lot of rapid bonding, and can adapt to high-speed automation production and environmentally friendly adhesives. Automotive hot melt adhesive can meet all of the above requirements, so the use of automotive hot melt adhesive in the automotive industry is increasing, and its usage is increasing year by year. It has become an irreplaceable glue type in the automotive industry. The reason for this trend depends on the characteristics of the hot melt adhesive itself.

Features of hot melt glue:

1. Fast curing is suitable for modern high-speed pipeline operations.

2. Applicable to the bonding of a variety of materials. The car is mainly composed of a large number of metals and non-metal parts. The hot melt adhesive is suitable for bonding such products. Such as ABS, PP, PE, felt, etc.

3. Connectation, hot melt adhesive can be used, such as spraying, roll coating, scraping, etc.

4. The hot melt adhesive solid content is 100%, convenient storage, energy saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, and does not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

5. Today, the world resource shortage. Many car companies have considered recycling resources after the scrapped car. The hot melt adhesive has a characteristic that is melted during heating, which is especially important in automobile recovery and dismounting.

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