Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How to identify hot melt adhesive quality

August 07 , 2021

There are many quality indicators of hot melt glue, requiring dedicated instruments and appropriate detection environments, in the absence of instrument equipment, is first seen from the appearance, there is no bubble. Secondly, the rubber is melted into a width of about 1 cm. Thick 0.2cm tape. After cooling, use it to extend the tape, and observe whether its stretch can achieve standards. Whether the intensity is sufficient, whether the break is kept constant. If there is a powdery substance, it indicates that the filler is too much or mixed uneven, or the filler particles have passed large, which will cause major mass accidents. Next, the collapse was stored in a 0 ° C in an environment, and then removed after 24 hours, and the crisp phenomenon was hit using a hard object, indicating that the low temperature resistance is poor. Don't place the gum after a certain time at 40 ° C, if the glue is soft, self-adhesive or sticky hand indicates that the softening point is low. If it belongs to the same grade, the yellow gum is better than the white glue due to its The formulation, the process, only the titanium white powder is added to the white gum, due to the fusing of the titanium white powder, the white glue hardness and viscosity are lowered, easy to precipitate, so that the heating device such as the preheating tub is inconvenient, once deposited, after the heating site, It will cause the heating effect to decrease.

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