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Application of hot melt adhesive on sanitary wipes

August 06 , 2021

Sanitary wipes have a sterilizing effect and can be used to clean and sterilize the surface of objects. Because the sterilization effect is required, the disinfected wet wipes contain alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectants or preservatives; and alcohol is volatile, and the wet wipes with the cover can prevent the intrusion of microbial contamination from the opened package, and ensure that the alcohol and water are not volatile. . The plastic cover and the wet tissue packaging bag need to use wet tissue cover hot melt glue.

Wet wipes are disposable sanitary products that directly contact human skin, and all links in their production must be strictly controlled. When the manufacturer of the wet wipe cover screens the hot melt adhesive, its products must meet the national requirements, non-toxic, tasteless, and transparent in color, which will neither affect the appearance of the packaging nor the storage of the wet wipes! Choosing a hot melt adhesive with poor performance not only affects the overall appearance of the wet wipes or the sliding lid, lid falling, overflowing glue, etc., but also wire drawing may occur during the production process or the lid may fall due to insufficient viscosity.

Features of Hot Melt Adhesive for Wet Wipes Cover:

1. Use less glue and save cost

This product is highly viscous and uses less glue compared with similar products;

2. Environmental protection and tasteless, smooth construction

The product has a light odor and meets environmental protection standards. Smooth construction, no wire drawing, in line with automated construction requirements;

3. Strong adhesion and good weather resistance

Strong adhesion, easy to fit the wet tissue packaging box, easy to shape, not falling off, good temperature resistance, high temperature and no overflow of glue, low temperature and no brittleness.

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