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What is pressure sensitive adhesive? What are the ingredients of pressure sensitive adhesive?

August 06 , 2021

The development of industrial production has higher and higher requirements for adhesives, not only requiring convenient operation, but also requiring adhesives to meet safety and pollution-free standards. Pressure-sensitive adhesives have achieved rapid development because they can take into account the needs of both aspects.

-What is pressure sensitive adhesive?

When many people mention pressure-sensitive adhesives, their first reaction is to think of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is an upgraded version of pressure sensitive adhesive and one of the most commonly used adhesives on the market. Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a combination of the characteristics of pressure-sensitive adhesive and hot-melt adhesive. It is not only solvent-free and pollution-free, but also very convenient to use, which is very popular among construction workers.

-Introduction to the composition of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

Ingredient 1: SBS and SIS

Both SBS and SIS have the dual characteristics of rubber and plastic, the source of ingredients is easy, and the cost is moderate. It is an important part of pressure sensitive adhesive.

Component 2: Tackifying resin

We must know that the thermoplastic elastomer SIS itself is not sticky, so we need to add a tackifying resin, which can increase the viscosity of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. One of the most important indicators of pressure-sensitive adhesive performance is the viscosity of the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Ingredient 3: Softener

In order to improve the performance of the pressure-sensitive adhesive and make the effect more ideal, in addition to adding a tackifying resin, a certain amount of softener can also be added. The purpose is to increase the initial adhesion, improve the gluing process and reduce costs.

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