Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The reason why we use hot melt glue machine with manual gun

July 28 , 2021

Many companies still use the ordinary glue gun with direct plug-in. This kind of glue gun is cheap. It uses strip hot-melt glue. However, in the process of use, it always needs to change the stick glue, which has low production efficiency. It often can't be shipped and delivered. Moreover, this kind of glue stick can't melt cleanly in use, which is not only a waste of time but also a waste of cost. In addition, The glue produced by the glue stick of this ordinary glue gun is uneven, the product qualification rate is low, time-consuming and labor-consuming. Now many manufacturers are aware of this problem and are looking for a new glue application method. This is our manual hot melt glue spraying and gluing machine

You can use the hot melt glue machine with the manual gun to apply glue: the host machine is responsible for fusing glue. The glue is added once an hour, and there is accurate temperature control. There is a separate output insulation heating pipe and a separate heating and temperature control hot melt glue gun. Such a set of configuration can achieve uniform glue application and save time and glue. It is worth your understanding

Manual glue spraying of hot melt glue machine is a common configuration in the market, with simple operation, economy and durability. It is very flexible and convenient to realize glue application in various industries through manual operation. Its configuration is composed of host, rubber conveying pipe and manual rubber gun. It is often used for sealing various packaging cartons, spraying lights, filters, electronics, photo frames, mattresses, home appliance furniture assembly, appliance glue injection, battery glue supplement, etc.

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