Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Operation of hook loop tapes adhesive gluing machine

July 29 , 2021

Use equipment

1.Turn on the device power switch.

2.Turn on the light switch

3.Turn on the fan switch (if you are using PUR glue, you do not need to turn this switch)

4.Set the length of the meter as needed. When the production quantity reaches the length set by the meter, the buzzer will sound. At this point, the device continues to run. If you need to stop the device when the length set by the meter is reached, press the stop button in time.

5.Press the start button and the device will start running. When using for the first time, the material should be allowed to run for a while. The valve can be opened when the production is stable.

6.During the production process, the speed of the melter, the feed speed and the discharge speed can be adjusted separately to make the three speeds reach the matching running value.

7.When stopping, you need to press the stop button to turn off the valve switch, fan switch, and light switch. Finally turn off the power switch.

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