Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How to use hot melt glue gun

July 29 , 2021

      There are two kinds of special hot melt glue guns for hot melt glue machine: manual glue gun, fixed automatic glue gun, spiral, strip, dot, fog fiber and multiple glue dispensing methods, which can be used by customers in different industries. multiple choices.

  Hot melt glue gun, with precise breaking effect, a variety of nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, which is beneficial to cleaning and other characteristics. The general hot melt glue gun will not be deformed when used for a long time at a high temperature of 300 ℃, and the joint is durable. Therefore, hot-melt adhesive machines are widely used in electronics factories, food factories, packaging factories, and other hot-melt adhesive tape bonding products. The main methods of use are as follows:

   1. Before plugging in the hot melt glue gun, please check whether the power cord is intact, whether the bracket is ready; whether the glue gun has been used is pouring glue, etc.

  2. Please preheat the glue gun for 3-5 minutes before using it. Please stand the glue gun upright on the table when not in use.

  3. Please keep the surface of the hot melt adhesive strip clean to prevent impurities from blocking the nozzle.

  4. If you find that the glue gun cannot produce glue during use, please check whether the glue gun is hot.

  As mentioned above, the glue gun is simple and convenient to use. Usually the model of the hot melt glue gun is universal, and it is also suitable for hot melt glue machines of other brands.

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