Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Specification of mouse trap glue- mouse traps weed & pest control system

December 01 , 2021

Function Description Hot melt glue for rat or mouse trap,fly glue board
Raw Material Synthetic polymer resin
Appearance Light yellow but like solid
Temperature Resistant ≥-10oC,≤60oC
Viscosity(120oC) 1000±200Mpa.s
Flow Ability In 60oC environment,ertically placed 24
hours,glue still stabilized and does
not cross marked line.
Service Temperature 140-160oC
Validity Two years

The machine YT-LS210 is including 20kgs glue melt tank 1set,hot melt hose 1pcs,210mm slot die1pcs,auto feeder  1 set,transmission part 1set,pneumatic control part 1set,electric part 1set,folding device 1set.

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