Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Drywall tapes metal corner tape gluing making machine

December 16 , 2021

The metal corner paper tape production line is a fully automatic metal corner belt production line composed of a hot melt glue machine and a corner band composite machine. The production line has high production efficiency and simple operation, and the hot melt adhesive is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and solventfree. Adhesives create a good working environment, and save the glue, metal strip and paper tape bonding strength. The metal corner paper tape produced by the company has environmental protection, simple construction, protects the corner of the wall from abrasion and damage, makes the angle of the corner and the angle of the sun more pronounced, the edge is smoother, fully protects the yin and yang angle, and improves its strength.The whole machine adopts electromechanical integration design, with automatic coating, pressing, straightening of steel strip, automatic punching of paper tape, dust collecting, material breaking alarm, automatic meter counting, and a series of functions.

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